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Build a Brand People Want to Work For

A Company is Only as Good as the People it Keeps.

- Mary Kay Ash

What Keeps You Up at 2am?

I own multiple practices and struggle to find quality candidates. 

You're not alone. We're no longer in a hiring climate where you can run an ad and expect quality candidates to apply. Recruiting these days requires a brand people relate to, an offer that fits their needs, and an employer that understands what success means to them. Our coaches will help develop all this for you!

I'm a recruiter for group practices and need more resources.

The issue in today's hiring climate is that most potential candidates aren't going to "blind date." They will look at the practice website, Google reviews, and online presence to decide "Is this for me." We work on your branding and marketing resources so you can attract the elite candidates you want. 

I'm tired of spending money on outside recruiters.

Outside recruiters are working for numerous clients and need to move their candidates as quickly as possible. When they do find a quality candidate they usually send them to the ones with the biggest commissions. Instead of paying outside recruiters $20K+ for the wrong candidate, let us bring you an ideal associate for a quarter of the price.  

Better Candidates In 30 Days!

We Source for Proficiency and Passion.

Dental Recruiting Consultant

Brittney McDowell

Recruitment Consultant

After fifteen years of marketing dental offices I turned my focus from external marketing to internal branding. This meant focusing on attracting and retaining elite talent. 

Without the right people in place, marketing becomes an expense not an investment. Building relationship-based practices means building referrals. That comes from an engaged team that delivers great service. 

Our process involves sourcing candidates that share your vision and will be a perfect match for your team.

I want to be clear that we are not recruiters. We support your hiring teams by marketing and sourcing for the right candidates. No need to hassle with expensive recruitment companies that are placing candidates to the highest bidder.  

Let's do a 15 minute call and I'll explain how it all works!

How To Recruit And Retain Associate Dentists

Finding clinical staff is increasingly difficult. In this episode of "How I grew My Practice" we discussed how to reach out and find candidates that typical recruitment ads won't reach. 

Build a Brand People Want To Work For!

Recruitment Branding

Attracting the right candidate is the same as attracting the ideal patient. Your practices need to stand out! 

The key is developing a shared vision of success and relating that to each position you are hiring for.  What's unique about your culture? What's unique about your teams? What will make you stand out to someone that's not currently looking for a new opportunity?

You're an upgrade and we want to paint a picture through images and creative messaging about what life will look like if they come work for you. 

During our  Recruiter Brand™ session we will define what makes your practices different and discover the messaging and tactics that will make your practices stand out in a highly competitive employment field. 

We will update your recruitment site, write all ads, create all marketing assets, and do high quality videos showing what the experience of working with you will be like. 

Outreach and Sourcing

We use proprietary software that allows us to identify all associates or candidates in a radius around your practices. This allows us to take the messaging from step one and get to work reaching out to them.

Most recruiters wait for candidates to call from a job posting. Not us. We do the busy work by contacting our best candidates through phone calls, emails, and texts. 

We don't hide you behind our name. Instead, we put your brand right in front of them. 

We then direct these passive candidates no one else is recruiting to your Recruitment Brand™


Posting a job on Indeed doesn't get you very far anymore. To be successful you have to meet a candidate where they are. We use our marketing background to find as many candidates as possible by:

  • Marketing through social media groups, local and national. 
  • Posting ads on the top 50 job boards for dentists.
  • Launching email campaigns to top candidates in your area.
  • Running digital ads to brand the practice and attract candidates not currently looking for a new opportunity.

Delivery & Coaching

Only you know the best candidates for your practices. Unlike recruiting companies we won't "screen" candidates for you. This leads to recruiters working against your internal teams.

We want your team to receive candidate leads as quickly as possible and follow-up with them in a timely manner. This is very difficult if they have to source candidates and talk with numerous recruiters each day. 

We provide coaching and support for your internal teams by:

  • Helping them screen for passion and proficiency.
  • Providing DISC and Value Assessments to understand their behavioral style and what they value.
  • Listening to the interviews for accountability.
  •  Providing weekly coaching calls to help them become elite recruiters for your organization. 

Onboarding for retention

Our team doesn't handle the  technicals that an HR provider would, but we want to make sure you provide the best experience for your new hire.

We will help set you up with a schedule so that the team and the new hire get to know each other. We will plot out their work schedule for you and their training schedule.

If needed we will introduce them to their performance or clinical coach so they know you are willing to commit to their success. 

Let's Get Started

Here are the steps to get on track with your recruiting efforts


Schedule a 15 minute call to discuss your current recruitment efforts and needs.


We start sourcing ideal candidates and building out your recruitment brand.


You are attracting ideal candidates on your own and have no more recruiter fees!