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Dental Recruiter

Angie Kendrick

Talent Acquisition


My years running dental offices proved to me that success runs through the team. When we were successful we had a team that all cared and respected for one another. 

My process when finding your next team member is to make sure they share your vision and will be a perfect match for your team.

I want to be clear that I'm not a recruiter. Recruiters think about how to hire a staff member and leave them up to you to make sure they fit the culture. 

We do it differently by develop compelling stories and finding creative ways to make what you offer better than your competition.   

We not only do first interviews and qualify your candidates, but my team and I will make sure they are onboarded, trained, and committed for the long haul. 

A Company is Only as Good as the People it Keeps.

- Mary Kay Ash

The Elite Hire Process

STEP 1: Roles & Responsibilities

Do you remember when accountability was implied with every hire? We know it's tough out there to not only find the best fit but also have a successful first 90 days.

The key to accountability and retention is making sure each candidate knows what's expected of them. During discovery we want to know the following:

What is their role and responsibilities?

What type of behavioral and value profile are we looking for?

How will we support their journey?

What makes us competitive against our competition?

The technicals about income, location, benefits, hours, etc.

STEP 2: Access Network (Passive Recruitment)

We utilize active and passive avenues to find the best candidates. If we don't already have the right person for you to interview we will begin an immediate search.

We use proprietary software that allows us to narrow down our candidate search to a specific set of criteria. We then do outreach to gauge interest.

If the candidate is interested we will screen them and make sure they fit our criteria from step one. 

STEP 3: Market the Position (Active Recruitment)

If you have been to any other part of this website you will notice we are big on branding. Not just colors, names, and logos. We are obsessed with great messaging and giving people the right feel for your practices. 

The same process that generates patient leads is also very valuable for attracting elite talent.

to make the most of the ads we post we take the time to get your brand right so you stand out among the competition. 

STEP 4: Interview

Delivering a list of candidates is not what we do. We will narrow down the field, screen numerous candidates and make sure they meet the criteria you are looking for.

Our goal is to only have you spend time interviewing people we feel will be a fit or have a unique quality they will bring to your practices. 

STEP 5: Onboard

Our HR team can handle the technicals but we want to make sure that we provide the best experience for your new hire.

We will help set you up with a schedule so that the team and the new hire get to know each other. We will plot out their work schedule for you and their training schedule.

If needed we will introduce them to their performance or clinical coach so they know you are willing to commit to their success. 


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