building trust

Building trust with employees through vulnerability and authenticity requires a thoughtful approach and a willingness to be open and honest. Here are a few steps you can take to build trust:

Show Empathy

Demonstrating that you understand and care about your employees’ needs and concerns is a critical first step in building trust. Take the time to actively listen to your employees and seek to understand their perspectives.

Be Honest

Honesty is essential when building trust. If you make a mistake, admit it, and take responsibility for it. Your employees will appreciate your honesty and will be more likely trust you.

Share Your Own Experiences

Sharing your own experiences, particularly those relevant to your employees’ needs, can help build trust. When appropriate, share your vulnerabilities or challenges and how you overcame them.

Practice Active Listening

Listening carefully and actively to your employees can help to build trust. This means asking open-ended questions, summarizing what they’ve said to ensure understanding, and validating their feelings and perspectives.

Follow Through on Your Commitments

One of the most important ways to build trust is to follow through on your promises. If you say, you’ll do something, make sure you do it, and do it well. If you can’t fulfill a commitment, communicate with your employees and explain why.

Building trust with employees through vulnerability and authenticity requires consistently being open, honest, and reliable. By showing empathy, sharing your experiences, practicing active listening, and following through on your commitments, you can establish a strong trust foundation that will benefit you and your employees.

About the Author Ben Shaver

For over a decade, I've guided growing dental practices and groups on how to use leadership and communication to build referable teams and memorable brands.

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