clinical philosophy Dental startups face numerous decisions when establishing their practices, including determining the optimal practice and building size that aligns with one’s clinical philosophy. The size of the practice and building can significantly impact the overall patient experience, workflow efficiency, and the ability to deliver high-quality dental care. 

Patient-Centered Care and Small Practice Size

Clinical Philosophy: A smaller practice size can be advantageous for dental startups focused on providing personalized and patient-centered care. A smaller practice allows for more intimate patient interactions, fostering a sense of trust and comfort between the dentist and the patient.


  • Enhanced patient-provider relationships: Smaller practices facilitate better communication and understanding between the dentist and patients, improving treatment outcomes and patient satisfaction.
  • Streamlined operations: With fewer operatories, it becomes easier to manage daily operations, maintain a cohesive team, and ensure consistency in care delivery.
  • Focus on quality over quantity: Smaller practices often emphasize individualized attention, enabling dentists to dedicate more time to each patient and deliver comprehensive, high-quality care.

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Comprehensive Dental Services and Medium Practice Size

Clinical Philosophy: Dental startups aiming to provide a wide range of comprehensive dental services may find a medium-sized practice more suitable. Medium practices offer the versatility to accommodate diverse treatment options while maintaining a patient-centric approach.


  • Diverse service offerings: A medium-sized practice can house multiple operatories and specialized equipment, enabling dentists to offer various treatments without compromising quality.
  • Efficient workflow: With adequate space and staff, medium practices can handle higher patient volumes, ensuring optimal productivity and reducing patient waiting times.
  • Collaborative environment: Medium-sized practices can accommodate a team of dental professionals, fostering collaboration and the potential for interdisciplinary treatments.

State-of-the-Art Technology and Larger Practice Size

Clinical Philosophy: A more extensive practice size may be more appropriate for startups focused on incorporating cutting-edge technology and advanced dental procedures. Larger practices can house sophisticated equipment and accommodate specialized treatment rooms.


  • Advanced technology integration: Larger practices can invest in state-of-the-art equipment, such as digital imaging systems, CAD/CAM technology, and 3D printing, enhancing diagnostic capabilities and treatment precision.
  • Specialized treatment areas: Dental startups focusing on complex procedures, such as implantology or orthodontics, can create designated treatment areas within a more significant practice, optimizing patient care and comfort.
  • Research and education opportunities: A larger practice size may facilitate partnerships with dental schools or research institutions, providing continued education and advancement opportunities.

Selecting the right practice and building size is a crucial decision that dental startups must make to align with their clinical philosophies and long-term goals. Whether aiming for patient-centered care, comprehensive dental services, or incorporating advanced technology, the size of the practice can profoundly impact the patient experience, team dynamics, and treatment capabilities. Dental startups can set a strong foundation for success and provide exceptional dental care to their patients by carefully evaluating their clinical philosophies and considering the associated benefits of different practice sizes.

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For over a decade, I've guided growing dental practices and groups on how to use leadership and communication to build referable teams and memorable brands.

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