Details and Pricing

The greatest thing about working with us is that you can go through our program at your speed and pay as you go. No long-term obligations when you get started.

Pay for what you need when you need it! 

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Leadership Vision

If you want to be successful you have to know where you're headed. To get this started we administer and debrief our Leadership Assessment.

We used to charge $299 for this part of the process but decided it was too important to skip. Now it's complimentary so what do you have to lose? Click below and get started. 

  • DISC & Value Assessment (Takes 20 Minutes)
  • Assessment Debrief Video

Cost: Complimentary

Practice Story

Outside of your location this process will be the most important in your start-up. We will take you through a 4-6 hour workshop to discover your ideal patient profile, leadership style, and culture identity. 

Skipping this step can set you back years of growth as you work towards figuring these out on your own. 

  • Up to 3 two hour workshops (until completed) 
  • Brand Guide to be used by contractors, vendors, marketing agents, and employees.
  • Clarity on leadership and brand vision.  

Cost: $3900

Demographic Profile

Once you have discovered your ideal patient profile in the Practice Story it's time to find them. 

This complimentary tool will help you look at different demographics in any zip-code you're considering. 

  • Link to zip code look-up 
  • Evaluation Debrief (30 Min.)

Cost: Complimentary

Brand Image 

At the completion of your practice story we begin the process of your image. You may have already chosen a name, you may even know your colors and have a logo.

If so we will review these and discover the best ways to use these. If not, we will administer a workshop to discover what will be best for you new practice and launch a contest for logo design. 

  • Brand review workshop (2 Hours)
  • Design consulting (logo contest extra)

Cost: $500- $1500


This is an area you have to be perfect on. Every website needs to be formatted correctly. We have invested thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours getting this right.

Our branded websites convert 60% more than your average service-based website. 

  • Fully Branded Wordpress Website.
  • Content written for you.
  • Three Service Pages.
  • Scheduling and Form Integration.
  • Integration with Social Media.
  • SEO Set-Up

Cost: $3000-$7500

Online Marketing

There are probably a thousand choices for online marketing. Seriously, like 1000 companies that work with dentists.

What these companies usually don't do is take your ideal patient profile and brand into consideration when they lauch your campaigns and write your content. 

This is why it's crucial to make sure the right people are executing your practice story and helping you build a referral practice. 

  • SEO to get to page one on Google
  • Google My Business Profile Optimization
  • Social Media 
  • Pay Per Click Management 
  • Intent Marketing

Price Range: $1000-$3000

External Marketing

External marketing is key. In our consulting pricing below we discuss community based marketing and internal marketing. 

When we executer external marketing it's to get new patients right away as well as effectively brand the practice for the long-term. There's numerous avenues to take with external marketing, but the most common are listed here. 

  • Direct Mail
  • Billboard
  • Magazine
  • Video Production and Distribution.

Price Range: $1000-$4000/month

Business Consulting

We focus a great deal on how your practice will be branded and the image you portray, but it's also important that your practice runs effectively.

Most dentists have an idea of what they are looking for but may need help with processes and systems. 

We can go as deep as needed on this but here's some common areas we can help with. 

  • Front desk set-up.
  • Help you discover technology options for your practice.
  • What equipment is important for your start-up.
  • Connect you with vendors to help with insurance integration.
  • Discuss what employees need to be hired in the beginning.
  • Much more. Just let us know what help you need. We have a resource for it.

Starting at: $500/month

Doctor Mentorship

This has become the most popular of all our services. Many start-ups find themselves asking a lot of questions online with a lot of different answers.

Having a mentor who has been through the start-up process is crucial to your success. Getting the clairty you need and maintaining the right mindset will keep you engaged during those times when you ask yourself "What did I get myself into?"

  • Practicing dentist who has been in your shoes.
  • Coaching and consulting you on people and process issues. 
  • Connecting you with others going through the same situation.
  • Providing motivation and support. 

Starting at: $500/month

Marketing Director

The most important part of your marketing efforts will be making sure all areas of your marketing are aligned.

One of the big mistakes start-ups make is assigning one person to community outreach, another to internal marketing, hiring the wrong online vendor, and having someone else do the direct mail. 

Having someone to help you with strategy, assign roles and then hold everyone accountable to the brand and the results is key. 

  • Professional marketer with years of dental experience. 
  • Someone to dig into the numbers and look for challenges and opportunities. 
  • Find and execute campaigns through qualified and affordable vendors. 
  • Review results and provide guidance on future campaigns. 

Starting at: $500/month