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At Venture Practices we help practice owners grow their organization by creating clarity. Clarity is key in building an elite team that trusts and respects each other. The result is a great patient experience people want to talk about. 

What Will A Communication Workshop Accomplish?

Dental Team
Teams that are accountable

The one thing you can't worry about as an owner is whether or not the job is getting done when you're not there to guide the team.

Building a team that holds each other accountable starts with communication. Getting everyone to row in the same direction can be tough. We can help. 

Teams That care about each other

No one wants to visit a business where people don't get along or don't seem interested in being there.

A team that communicates well is respectful of one another and truly cares about each other's success.

This energy creates a positive feeling for your patients making it easier for them to return and refer. 

Team Communications for dental practices
Dental Teams in the Community
Teams that value how the brand shows up in the community

Your team should strive to meet the expectations of their patients but also the community they serve.

Having a team that carries leadership's vision to the community is crucial in building a brand people want to talk about. 

It all starts with communication training. 

Awareness is the key to effective communication.

Here's What Our Team Communication Workshops Accomplish:

  • Having freedom from the day to day problem solving.
  • Workplaces free of drama with teams that truly enjoy working together.
  • Owning a business that runs without you.
  • Passionate teams that use an established culture to build relationships with your patients and the community. 
  • A trusted brand that gets the ideal patients you want through referrals, not transactions from marketing specials. 
  • A business that provides you work/life balance
  • Reaching your goals in half the time.

Don't know where to start?

We Make It Easy

Step 1- Take an Assessment

We help build trust by providing a complimentary assessment for practice owners. This is an incredible tool to see how you and your team show up.

Step 2- Schedule Your Workshop

We help you build your Leadership Brand Profile™. This creates clear messaging so your team and your ideal customers know what is in it for them. 

Step 3- Coaching

We don't stop with the workshops. We continue to work with leadership on developing their communication platform.

Team Communication is key to building a brand people want to know.

Team Communication Workshops

Team Awareness

This workshop is crucial in getting each team member to understand their value and the value of others.

It's very rewarding for leadership when team members understand predictive conflict and are able to handle it themselves. 

Knowing behavioral style, communication preferences, and personal values of each team member builds a culture of mutual respect.

Team members become supportive of one another and patients want to return to practices where people genuinely like and respect each other. 

Function: Awareness

Tools: Communication Assessments

Time: 4 hours

Cost: $3,500

Team Focus

This workshop is perfect for the team that has lost focus or needs to establish it.

Maybe growth has slowed down. Maybe there is a lack of energy. Maybe there are some areas the team is concerned about. Maybe they feel overwhelmed.

We have found that concentrating your team on three focus areas over the next 90 days creates a realistic sense of accomplishment.

These need to be agreed upon by both leadership and the team and not necessarily goals. We want to create new habits.

Function: Team Motivation

Tools: Organizational Health Review

Time: 2 hours 

Cost: $2,500

Team Optimization

This workshop was adapted from Free To Focus by Michael Hyatt. The purpose is to find out if your team members are doing the type of work they are good at and passionate about.

We distribute task assessments to determine how each team member feels about their daily tasks. What tasks are they proficient at but not passionate? Can we find someone else to do those tasks? 

We love having defined roles and responsibilities but elite teams are built with flexibility. Building effectiveness comes from moving tasks around to people that are driven to take them on. 

Function: Team Optimization

Tools: Task Filters

Time: 4 hours

Cost: $3,500

The Trusted Team

Your community has expectations and knowing how to meet those comes from establishing trust.

This trust comes from how you treat your current patients and how you show up for your community.

During this workshop we work through how your team communicates with patients through the patient value journey. 

If you want to be the practice everyone talks about on online groups, this is the workshop that accomplishes that. 

Function: Patient Experience

Tools: Patient Value Journey

Time: 4 hours

Cost: $3,500

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Discover how dentists are spending less time in the chair and more time leading practices. There's no need to build an empire and sell-out to corporate.

Our clients have found owning five aligned practices make them over a million dollars a year while only spending a few hours a week leading their team. 

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What Other Owners Are Saying:

Paul Simpson COO Landmark Dental Group

Being able to strategically grow our different practices has been transformational. It was a big realization that they needed to be treated separately.

We were getting jaded and skeptical. Been promised too much with too little delivered, this is a breathe of fresh air...

Dentist Brand

Ben and the team at Venture Practices are irreplaceable team members. Four years later they are still looking after my best interests with respect and professionalism.

Dr. Roy Jennings

Ben and his team have been a breath of fresh air. We needed help with our brand and he consistently creates successful strategies that fit our practice vision.

Dr. Anthony Garofalo

I have a large staff with associates and needed leadership help. I signed on for 90 days over five years ago! Venture Practices are excellent motivators for me and my staff.

Dr. Michael Williams

Build a Practice That Fits You.