Your team is your most valuable resource, and because of this, your team should always be your number one priority In theory, if your team is happy you will generate more leads, have a seamless workflow, and make it easier to hire new employees.

According to Glassdoor, the top three factors that job seekers consider when comparing companies are:

  • Compensation and benefits
  • Work/life balance
  • Employee Satisfaction

What is Employee Advocacy?

Employee advocacy is when a company employee acts as a spokesperson for their employer’s brand. And no, we aren’t talking pyramid schemes, just proud, happy employees that let others know they love their job. This role can be taken on by anyone within your company, informally or formally. Your team already knows what you want and expect of employees, and utilizing them to connect with others is a cost-effective way to recruit. Think of every employee as an extension of you and your brand, a walking-talking advertisement.

Humans are social creatures, whether in person or on social media. Your team is connecting with talent outside the workplace, so why not tap into this valuable resource? Encouraging employees to engage with others about what they love about working for you makes your brand more accessible.

Employee Advocacy Examples:

  • Hosting fun events for staff and employees and sharing them on their social media
  • Share your employees’ stories, celebrate what is important to them
  • Attending or speaking at an event on behalf of the employer
  • Wearing company-branded gear
  • Sparking conversations with friends and family
  • Sharing testimonials on your social medias or hiring pages

Happy Employees are a Must

Before your employees work towards hiring for you, they must be happy. A satisfied employee is your number one resource. Ask yourself, what would make my employees want to speak office praises outside the work environment? In other words, don’t ask them to rave about you; give them something to rave about.

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Keep Staff in the Loop

Be transparent about openings. Internal hires or promotions are a great way to make employees feel appreciated. Opportunities for growth should be available for those who want it. Keep employees in the loop by publicly advertising positions open and providing them with all the information needed to spread the word. Don’t just provide a job title and expect others to know exactly what you are looking for. Provide sufficient information, including clear expectations, to whom the employee will report, how much experience, etc. These details allow for current employees to match someone with the needed skillset. Also, let employees know when positions fill, that way, they aren’t sending in candidates for jobs that have already been filled.

Why Utilize an Employee Advocacy Program?

  • Transparency equals trust
  • Gives employees a sense of responsibility
  • Allows for some control in the hiring process
  • Employees feel seen and heard
  • An employee’s social reach is estimated to be 10x that of a company
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Positive Vibes

Hiring a new employee is extremely expensive. Therefore, offering incentives shortens the hiring process because your employees have already vetted your potential hire. Your employees are one of your most substantial assets in hiring. When a company claims they are a wonderful place to work, it offers little credibility; however, when those that work for you make this claim, it comes across as much more genuine.

Encourage employees to share fun events on social. If you have an employee outing, encourage authentic sharing of this from your page to their personal networks. The more positive feed out there puts a seed in the mind of potential hires, “Hey, their job looks fun. I’d like to work there!”.

Networking Events

Get your people in front of those that matter. Imagine the impact of an actual dental assistant on potential dental assistant new hires. Their personal story and journey with your company are much more compelling than coming from someone more removed from the field. It comes down to relatability. Your team can be your best brand ambassador at recruiting events.

The Most Powerful Recruiting Tool

Valued employees spread the word of open positions effortlessly. If they love their job and are bragging about why they love it, they can follow up with, “Actually, we have an open position..”, saving you a great deal of time and money.

Employee advocacy is a powerful tool when it comes to recruitment. Encouraging employees to share their experiences through social feeds, at networking events, or simply by being in the know of potential hires  helps them feel empowered in the direction of hiring. The more vital your staff feels to your company, the more they will likely spread the word about how wonderful it is!

About the Author Brittney McDowell

I have worked in a variety of roles within marketing, recruitment, and communications over the last 15 years. Supporting organizations with their recruitment and branding strategy is truly my passion. There is nothing more rewarding than supporting those who prioritize and deeply value their teams and employer brand.

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