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Dental Practice Management

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Scaling practices starts with leadership. Leadership creates the vision and culture. The culture drives the behaviors. Those behaviors develop a brand your staff and customers want to be a part of. The first step in leadership is about inspiration. It’s about defining a vision of success and building towards it. Having a vision you reference daily will keep you motivated. If you’re not motivated it will show and your staff and patients will become less engaged.

Culture and Team

The Leadership vision enables you to create buy-in for the culture you wish to create. Culture should be kept as simple as possible. What do you want your practices to look like? How do you want them to feel? There are key steps to ensure they look professional, act organized, and feel trusted.

Brand Before You Market

To scale your practices, you have to have a repeatable process that promotes your story and connects with your patients. If you don’t do this, your patients won’t know they can trust you and you’ll be trapped along with every other dentist who feels compelled to market on GroupOn. If you get your branding right first, you’ll stand out as trustworthy and relatable.

Patient Acquisition and Retention

When you have your branding in place, your marketing becomes simple and powerful. With a range of proven, effective strategies, you can attract and retain high-quality clients who understand and value the services you provide. You’ll also discover the different types of patient, and discover which type will allow you to scale fastest.

Scale Through Associates 

Recruiting Associates is difficult and expensive, right? No! I’ll share a simple strategy so you know you’re hiring the right associate for each of your practices. When you discover how to attract and retain the right associates for you, you’ll unlock the real opportunity and be able to scale rapidly.

Option 1: For You as a Leader

DISC and Values Assessments With a Professional Coach Debrief

DISC reveals your preferred communication style, so understand how others experience your strengths and your challenges. The Values assessment identifies your hidden motivators, enabling you to reframe tasks so you feel excited and driven to complete them. 

Option 2: DISC for Your Team

DISC and Values Assessments With a Professional Coach Debrief

Combining your team's DISC and Values assessments into a single report hands you immediate insights into how to communicate and motivate individual members to create a cohesive, productive team.

Option 3: DISC for Your Company

DISC and Values Assessments With a Professional Coach Debrief

The fastest and most impactful transformations occur when you use DISC and Values across multiple teams. Create clear company-wide communication, eradicate silos, and boost productivity.

What Other Dentist's Are Saying

Dr. Roy Jennings

Ben is an irreplaceable member of my team. Four years later he is still looking after my best interests with respect and professionalism.

Dr. Anthony Garofalo

Ben has been a breath of fresh air. We needed help with our brand and he consistently creates successful strategies that fit our vision.

Dr. Michael Williams

I have a large staff with associates and needed leadership help. I signed on for a year over five years ago! He is an excellent motivator for me and my staff.

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