Impactful Leadership

Leading Practices

Do you feel unsettled in your business? Do you feel like your business isn't providing what you thought it would? Maybe you grew too quick and need clarity and direction for your organization. Maybe you are a first time owner and want to do it right. 

No matter what your situation is, you want practices that perform at their highest level. That begins with leadership.

Leadership creates vision and organization. That vision drives the behaviors and motivations of your employees. Those behaviors influence the culture of your practices and that culture drives a brand your patients and community want to engage with. 

Leadership produces practices that have very low turnover, grow their patient base through referrals, and deliver a significant passive income to their owners. 

If you want to feel more connected to your family, business, employees and patients then speak to a business coach about leadership. 

Your Path to Organizational Health

(Our Leadership Programs)

Leadership Assessment

During this introductory session we will go over your leadership assessment and discuss both your behavioral styles and your motivations.

This session is a game changer for most professionals as it gives them valuable insights into themselves and the behaviors of others.

Leaders often attribute their employees negative behaviors as some bad personality trait. That's a mistake. We all behave differently and value different things. Knowing this about yourself and your team members is the foundation to leadership success.

Function: Awareness

Tools: Leadership Assessment

Time: 30 minutes to take the assessment and a one hour debrief.

Lead Your Team Forwards

Vision Casting

This powerful session is a necessary step in any leadership program. Without knowing where you're headed, how will you expect anyone else to join you?

During this session we will help you discover what motivates you, what lies ahead for you, and how to create a vision of success. A clear vision defines your passion and helps you get out of bed every morning with purpose and intention. 

Function: Awareness

Tools: Leadership Assessment

Time: 2 hours

Social Awareness

This session helps leaders understand their emotions and the impact of these emotions on their team. Great leaders have a high level of emotional intelligence and use it to help develop others.

During this session we will discuss how our behavioral style shows up in our lives and how we can adjust negative behaviors to create positive outcomes with others. 

Function: Awareness

Tools: Hidden Drivers, Attitude Cycle

Time: 2 hours

Building Trust

This session is one of the most important in the leadership journey. Building trust is what brings credibility to you as a leader.

During this session we will help you avoid negative conditioning and coach you on how to build positive influence that helps your team gain trust in your leadership abilities.

Function: Attitude

Tools: Tuckman’s Principle, Trust Primer

Time: 2 hours

Develop a Leadership Team

The importance of this session is to understand that leadership is not an entitlement or reward. It’s a responsibility.

During this session you will understand how to develop a leadership team that creates clarity and drives culture. What’s the look, act, and feel of your business? We will discover it together.

Function: Attitude

Tools: Culture Matrix

Time: 2 hours

Organizational Strategy

This part of the leadership journey is crucial for success. During these sessions we dive into the organizational chart or develop one if necessary.

You cannot have a healthy organization if there is ambiguity about what a team member should be doing. We will discuss roles and responsibilities for each job and lay out criteria for hiring elite talent.

We will organize these charts based on the specific need of your leadership team, owner practices, and satellite practices.

Function: Organizational

Tools: Organizational Strategy templates

Time: 2 sessions of 4 hours

Time Management

One of our most sought after sessions, time management is key to being able to apply all the other duties of a successful leader.

During this session we will look at how successful leaders spend their time, how to effectively delegate, how to lead effective meetings, and how to say no to protect your schedule.

Function: Organization and Focus

Tools: Time management principles and technology examples

Time: 2 hours

Goal Achievement

Being successful for great leaders means aligning their personal vision with their professional one. Having vision must come before establishing goals but if you set goals with intention, you will achieve the success you want.

During this session we will lay out how to effectively design a goal platform that keeps you motivated. Motivation is the key to moving towards your vision of success.

Function: Motivation 

Tools: Goal Achievement Planner

Time: 2-4 hours. This can be done as a session (2 hours) or as a workshop (4 hours)

Making Agreements

This session surprises people because it has a huge effect not only on their professional careers but their personal lives as well. Understanding the importance of setting agreements is the cornerstone of effective communication.

During this session we will discuss how to effectively ask questions, lead impactful conversations and make agreements with yourself and the people you interact with. 

Function: Organization and Motivation

Tools: 3 levels of conversation, 4 D’s

Time: 2 hours

Executive Presence

This session is very eye-opening. It helps leaders recognize the inconsistencies in their day to day activities. How do you present yourself with both your physical presence and your emotional presence?

During this session we discuss how you show up as a leader and how this aligns with your culture. It’s important as a leader to practice the culture you have established.  

Function: Organization & Motivation 

Tools: Success Principle

Time: 2 hours


This session is necessary to achieve organizational success. It is where we start to create a flow of responsibility. 

During this session we will provide effective strategies on how to hold people accountable and give effective feedback. The ability to have difficult conversations is one of the top indicators of a successful leader. This session gives you guidance on how to effectively do that.

Function: Accountability

Tools: Feedback Prism

Time: 2 hours


In today’s distraction economy, keeping on task is a huge challenge. 

During this session we show leaders how to effectively plan their days, weeks, and next 3 months. By designing focused weeks and limiting interruptions, your productivity will increase drastically. 

Function: Focus

Tools: Free To Focus Content

Time: 2 Hour Session or 4 Hour Workshop

Successful Partnerships

Many organizations see challenges when ownership or leadership don’t see eye to eye. 

This session helps partners understand their differences, what strengths they bring to the organization, where they may be challenging the organization, and how to set agreements so each partner has clarity on their role. 

Function: Organization 

Tools: Leadership Profile, Partnership Road Map

Time: 4 Hour workshop


Function: Organization 

Tools: Leadership Profile, Partnership Road Map

Time: 4 Hour workshop