Our Venture

Hi, I'm Ben. Your Leadership Guide.

"Make something people want" includes making a company that people want to work for."

- Sahil Lavingia

My Venture

I’m an entrepreneur at heart so I have always been attracted to people that own their own businesses. I started my first business at 28 and built it into a multi-million-dollar advertising agency during a time people were closing their doors.

Ten years later I couldn’t wait to get away from it.

As it grew, so did the problems. For me it was management. I enjoyed developing relationships with clients and I enjoyed building a team, but managing both was a challenge.

I spent endless hours trying to keep my team motivated and satisfy clients. I lost the passion for both and sold my company for a lot less than I could have gotten years earlier.

A New Start

When I set up my coaching business, I was determined to do it differently. I wanted to get out from doing the "day job" and be able to scale. I knew I couldn't get caught up in the daily firefighting if I wanted to turn my aspirations into reality.

Over the next few years, through trial and error, I created a system to build upon what made me successful. I simplified systems and processes. I focused on what worked and made it better. I developed a team that follows their passions and helps our clients follow theirs. 

I no longer felt overwhelmed. I felt successful and all my hard work over the previous years was coming together faster than I'd ever hoped.

Do What You Enjoy

Several years ago I started to show my clients what I was doing. I found I could free them from the daily stress, help them fall in love with their business, and truly feel the happiness ownership provides.

By creating a rock-solid blueprint based on what was uniquely making them successful, they could step away from the stress and focus on their personal and professional vision.

Now this is the focus of all my work. I help business owners make the transition from growing a business, and all the pains that stand in their way, to a place where they can be successful, free, and live life with intention.

Hi, I'm Angie. Your Team Communications Guide.

How It Started

My adventures in the dental industry started very early in life. My father was a general dentist and had a private practice in a small town where he grew up in Ohio. I was expected to go to college and he was determined to make sure that I would have some sort of work experience and skill set to start off with. 

I worked for my father during summer vacations, holidays, and Saturdays. I was forced to learn how to talk with strangers and found working in a dental office a little uncomfortable at first. 

Eventually I became a chair side assistant and decided to relocate to Charlotte, NC. I was fortunate enough to find a front desk position with an opportunity to continue to chair side assist. This is when my dental adventure truly began. 

What I've Learned Through My Career

I've learned that the great owners are also great leaders. They focus on creating trust and establishing meaningful relationships with their staff and patients. These owners have a clear vision of success, hire people that share that vision, and develop teams that create a consistent and authentic experience with their patients. 

The right teams build relationships and attract the ideal patients you want to serve. 

I’ve also observed poor leadership throughout my career. Owners that focus more on managing people than leading them. They create transactional relationships that cause staff conflict and high patient turnover. 

Now It's My Passion

I’m now doing what I’m passionate about. Practices are challenged frequently by external and internal factors that ultimately affect patient relationships. 

I’m able to help practices build a leadership team that is excellent at communication and getting results through profitable interactions. We have the tools and resources to develop your practice(s) into an environment people want to work in and patients want to talk about.

Hi, I'm Brittney. Your Brand Guide.

After working in a variety of roles in marketing and communications, I accepted a Director of Marketing position with an emerging DSO. At first, the growth was exciting, until it wasn’t. 

When Marketing Became The Problem.

I started to feel discouraged in my job. My work life balance was no where in sight and I felt like marketing was hopeless. There was so much pressure on the ‘right now’ that developing an effective long-term marketing strategy wasn’t even an option. I started questioning whether I could even have success with the campaigns we were putting together. 

After much frustration and many sleepless nights, it finally clicked. I needed to stop jumping from one tactic to the next. While marketing does require skill and constant learning, there isn’t a magic marketing tactic that floods in new patients consistently. I knew exactly what was missing, a brand that ideal patients could relate to and connect with. 

Attract Your Ideal Patient!

With the amount of competition in the industry, it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle. It was then I fully understood branding wasn’t just logos and colors, it was so much more than that. While short term marketing is a necessity, the long term branding strategy is crucial to building practices of referrals. The companies I worked for were so focused on the monthly new patient counts, they were missing out on opportunities to attract the patients they truly wanted. 

It’s Not Your Marketer, It’s Your Brand.

Fast forward a few years and I am truly living the dream. Supporting business owners with their branding and marketing strategy is my passion. There is nothing more rewarding than supporting owners that value their team and their community. I want to help you stop wasting your marketing dollars on attracting the patients that have no intentions on building a relationship. I want to help you grow referral based practices filled with your best patients.