Dental Demographics

Find out the demographics in your area. 

If you are thinking about doing a dental start-up, you first need to think about who your ideal patient is going to be. We can help you align your new dental brand so everything you're doing on your journey is geared toward the service of that ideal patient.  

After discovering your ideal patient the next step is to search the areas you want to practice and see if they match up with your ideal patient.

The below form will send you to a link so you can research specific zip codes to find your ideal patients. 

Here are some samples of what you will discover:

Dental Branding

Quick Facts

This is a breakdown on population, average age and income. This is important to see the overall area and if it's a good fit before digging deeper.

Dental Branding

Household Income

This will let you know the opportunities from a financial perspective.

Dental Branding

Age Breakdown

This will let you know the opportunities based on age. Dental Savings Plan for seniors?

Dental Branding

Household Size

This will let you know the opportunities based on HH size. Want to target families?

Dental Branding


Knowing the ethnicity of an area will help you effectively target.

Get your free demographics tool here:

Your Dental Start-Up Guides

Ben Shaver

I have been working with dentists for almost two decades, helping them open their practices and get started on the right foot.

My background is in consumer behavior and understanding the alignment between ownership, team culture, and your brand. This is the unique perspective we implement that brings our dental entrepreneur rapid success. 

I've also had success with passive income building, such as short-term rentals, so let me know where your entrepreneurial spirit is leading you, and I'll help guide you to success.

Dr. Michael Williams

I had a very unique journey in building my start-up. After residency, I began working as an associate and had several associate positions before I was offered ownership with a dental group. 

In the beginning, this was a great decision, not only financially, but it also helped me understand what the office's day-to-day operations looked like. 

The issue came with leadership. I realized I needed to have the support promised to me, and the group's interests needed to be aligned with my vision.

I left the group and looked for practices but found none in the locations I was interested in.

I knew it would be difficult, but I decided to do a start-up in the area where I live. It was the best decision I could have made. I embraced the process and loved it so much that I decided to help coach new start-ups to help them reach their success as quickly as possible.

How Will Our Dental Start-Up Program Help You?

  • Create a clear vision of success that is obtainable.
  • Own a business that can run with or without you.
  • Processes, systems, and technology that will make your life easier. 
  • Create a workplace culture free of drama with teams that truly enjoy working together.
  • Build a respected and trusted brand that gets the ideal patients you want through referrals, not transactions from marketing specials. 
  • Build a business of passive income, so you have time to invest in other businesses or yourself. This is where true happiness and wealth exist.
  • Reaching your goals in half the time.

Don't know where to start?

We Make It Easy

Step 1- Schedule a Call

This isn't a sales call. Our coaches and marketers will help answer key questions and provide key insights right away. We want these complimentary calls to show our value right away. 

Step 2- Take an Assessment

We help build trust through leadership assessments.  Knowing how you will show up for yourself and your team ensures this program will be successful for you. 

Step 3- Take Action

We have made the program easy by developing it in steps. You are not required to complete every step and only pay when you take the next step. 

Our Services

Why is it when you know what you want to achieve it's difficult to get your team going in the same direction?  

We can relate. We're not just coaches, we're business leaders too. 

We know what is takes to hire and retain a high performing team that supports your vision and develops your brand. Let us show you how.

Build A Leadership Team

If you want to grow, you need a fully committed and motivated leadership team. Leadership is a behavior that defines culture, don't leave it to chance.

Hire & Retain The Right People

You need to have your staff in roles they are both passionate and proficient. If not then you will have problems. Learn how to hire and retain elite talent. 

Build A Trusted Brand

Branding is how you connect with the communities you serve. It's more than colors and logos. It's making yourself relatable to the ideal patients you want. 

What Other Owners Are Saying:

Dentist Brand

Ben and the team at Venture Practices were crucial helping me get started with my practice. They looked after my best interests with respect and professionalism.

Dr. Roy Jennings

Ben and his team have been a breath of fresh air. We needed help when we got started with our marketing. He created a successful strategy that fit my practice vision. 

Dr. Anthony Garofalo

I started my practice during the pandemic. Working with Ben opened my eyes to the value of building my brand through leadership. The process was exactly what I needed.  

Dr. Michael Williams

Build a Business 

That Works For You!

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