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Your company’s website plays a vital role in your recruiting efforts.  It may be the very first thing anyone sees about you. Enhancing your website for recruiting includes a streamlined and robust site that drives more candidates to apply. Job seekers come here to gain valuable information about who you are: your values, purpose, and culture. They will move on if they don’t like or can’t find what they are looking for. Your website should be an easily digestible and manageable version of the story of who your company is and what it is like working there.

Enhance Your Website for Recruiting

Readability is about so much more than just words on a screen. Using verbiage that makes sense to those applying is key, but there are a few other items to consider. Often applying for jobs feels like a full-time job in itself. Therefore, if a potential client has to scroll too much to find pertinent information or if your website is slow, they won’t stay and apply.

Pro Tip: Have an outsider take a look. Sometimes we are so entrenched in our website that we cannot see possible roadblocks for potential users. Have someone outside your organization take a quick look and offer suggestions.

Make sure your website checks the following boxes:

  • Simple navigation- both on desktop and mobile
  • Easy to read
  • Interactive
  • Double-check for broken links
  • Stay on top of website speed

Pro Tip: Create a “Career” section on your homepage’s navigation menu. This way, info is easily accessible.

Career Page Musts:

The career page linked from your homepage should have clear, detailed information about your current openings and hiring processes. The jobs, as well as job descriptions, should include clear and specific needs. Using vague cliches such as “detailed orientated” or “team player” is subjective. State precisely what you are looking for to avoid confusion. Another must is to use job titles that are relatable and understood, not quirky.

In each listing, include the following information:

  • Details on your company’s mission
  • Job Requirements
  • Salary
  • Benefits
  • Link to apply

Pro Tip: Writing a job ad is equally as important. Check out How to Write Better Job Ads for tips!

The Easy Button

Applying for your job should be as easy as possible. Suppose clients have to click through multiple links or go to a confusing offsite application process. In that case, they may decide it is too much. Your application should be streamlined by only asking for pertinent and valuable information. Ensure forms have straightforward and easy-to-follow directions with easy-to-read color contrast. Keeping applications on your site is not only easier for the job applicant but also looks more professional.

Showcase Who You Are

You can’t just tell job seekers who you are. Who you are must align with what you show them. Your website should tell part of this story but link to other materials that offer more. For example, a blog that highlights helpful information pertaining to your industry but written by your or someone on your team. If utilized correctly, social media is crucial to showcase your identity beyond words. Social media is where you get personal and an excellent resource for recruiting. Showcase what sets you apart from others by simply posting on your socials.

Get on the Small Screen

Video is changing the landscape for just about everything we do. Recruitment videos are a compelling way to show and not just tell what your company is all about. Videos allow prospective employees to glimpse what it is like in your office daily. Video enhances job postings, branding, and recruitment by providing an extra wow factor. The benefits of using video in recruitment are vast. Read more about the Best Ways to Use Video In Recruitment Efforts here.



About the Author Brittney McDowell

I have worked in a variety of roles within marketing, recruitment, and communications over the last 15 years. Supporting organizations with their recruitment and branding strategy is truly my passion. There is nothing more rewarding than supporting those who prioritize and deeply value their teams and employer brand.

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